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Lightroom Preset – Urban Grey *Free*

by Maggie Y

free lightroom preset - Urban Grey

It took me quite some time to create a photo editing style that I really liked. I wanted to have my own Lightroom preset which would quickly add a unique vibe to all my future photos. I only knew that I wanted it to be slightly desaturated and to be memorable and edgy. Eventually, I came up with the urban grey look shown in the above photo 🙂 Now I use this preset for most of the photos on the blog as well as for my Instagram feed.

As I have been using this editing style for a long time now and I want to try something new, I want to share my grey Lightroom preset with you! You can download the preset file from here.  It is completely free!  For more examples of the Urban Grey preset in use, you can check out the photos in this article.

I really hope that you like the Urban Grey free Lightroom preset. Depending on the feedback, I can try and create more presets for different signature looks. Please do leave a comment or write me an e-mail with your feedback if you have downloaded the preset. What did you like and (more importantly) what do you wish was a bit different in the preset?



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