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by Maggie Y

Outfit post - beach essentials

Outfit post - Beach Essentials

Outfit post - Boho Style

Blue Swimsuit
Crop top
Denim skirt 4

Denim skirt and white crop top

Hello! This is a very belated post I have been planning to share for a couple of months! Now that  summer is officially gone, in my mind I am revisiting those warm days at the beach where all you need is a swimsuit and (comfy!) flip flops. 🙂

The weather forecast for our summer vacation was predicting baad, baad weather.  When I was packing my luggage I was so obsessed with bringing all of my warm clothes with me that I completely forgot to take some beach essentials. So there I was, at a sea resort, having a bunch of sweaters, jackets and warm socks, and no clothes to put on for the beach! As we were staying in a small sea town with no big clothing stores, my only choice was to head to the local marketplace and buy anything that didn’t look too funny on me. 🙂

In today’s outfit post you can see my findings – a denim skirt that turned out to be not that bad and a white “Boho Style” crop top. At least I hadn’t forgotten my swimsuit which is from Golden Point.

Here you can see what I wore during one of the evenings at the seaside.

What are the beach essentials you always take with you when heading to the beach?



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