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Romantic Charm – Lavanda Restaurant

by Maggie Y

Lavanda garden tables

Lavanda garden tables
Lavanda restaurant decor
Lavanda restaurant decor
Lavanda garden tables

Lavanda garden tables

Lavanda restaurant

Lavanda restaurant guests

Lavanda restaurant menu

lavanda wooden case

Lavanda restaurant coffee

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I will walk you around a unique and charming place in the heart of Sofia – Lavanda Restaurant. Lavanda is a lovely restaurant with unique charm and romantic atmosphere (you can tell by all the hearts in the photos). My friend and I found it while walking around the city center and looking for a place to have our regular Sunday lunch. This is something like a ritual to us – to meet for lunch and coffee during the weekend and to share with each other everything that happened during the week. She is a fellow legal graduate like me, so you can imagine the talking that takes place on those lunches 🙂

 Feel at Home

Now back to the restaurant – we loved, loved, loved this place so much! We felt so much at home there thanks to the chill atmosphere, friendly staff and well-thought decors. There were little cute details all around the place like the hearts and the wooden case you can see in the photos. We only managed to take photos of the garden because the inside was filled with guests. Still, the inside part of the restaurant was no less interesting than the garden. The Lavanda building is actually a renovated old town house and the rooms in the restaurant are in different themes! For example,  there is a Romeo and Juliet balcony. How more romantic can it get?

If we put aside the decor and the character of the venue, the food was also great!  Lavanda Restaurant offers Mediterranean, European and Eastern European and the menu is vegetarian-friendly, so there is something for everyone. Last but not least, the service was impeccable and our waiter was so friendly that he even offered to help us with the photos 🙂

If this post got you interested, you can learn more about Lavanda restaurant here.

This is all from me for today, guys! Have a lovely week! 🙂

Love, Maggie

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