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Memories from Greece

by Maggie Y

Standing at the Greek shore
Greek shore


Kavala Yacht Marina

Kavala Yacht Marina

Blue dress

Vacation in Greece
Vacation in Greece


Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was super short and I am already dreading the first day back at the office after a week off.  Last Friday my boyfriend and I headed for a week-long escape in Greece. I must say that everything in this lovely country exceeded all of my not so great expectations!

We spent the first two days in Kavala which is a beautiful, beautiful city! I regret not having my camera with me all the time, otherwise I would manage to capture all of the unique town houses. Yes, each house in Kavala has its own unique style and the cutest balconies I have ever seen. The details that all houses have in common are the colorful tents which keep the hot Greek sun away from the indoors.

Another thing that amazed me was the hospitality and kindness of all people I had the pleasure to meet! We were literally making friends with almost every person we met (even the sales consultant at a small local shop pulled out a table and chairs for us to drink beers with him 🙂 )

After the lovely first two days in Kavala we headed to a resort village called Nikiti (situated in Sithonia, Halkidiki).  The reason why we chose this place was because it was close to Mega Portokali Beach which is popular with its crystal clean water. 🙂 We spent the remaining days of our trip sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the lovely Greek food and scenery.

Ah, it feels so good to remember and write about the past week! I wish it could have lasted forever! Sadly now I need to start planning a busy week ahead back in reality 🙂

This was all from me for today, guys! Have a great week!

Love, Maggie


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