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Bomber Jacket

by Maggie Y

A faux leather bomber jacket with a fluffy hood

bomber jacket and skinny jeans
layered outfit
bomber jacket and skinny jeans

Bomber jacket and skinny jeans

casual outfit


Casual Outfit

bomber jacket and skinny jeans

Hey, guys! Happy Sunday!

The outfit photos were taken in one of the last days of winter. Well, the end of winter is quite an abstract term here in Bulgaria. We can have warm breeze and sunshine and then, out of a sudden, two meters of snow cover in one and the same day. The weather never gets boring here 🙂

Enough weather talk, let’s jump straight to the outfit! Today’s post is all about casual style – denim, knit hoodie and my favorite faux leather bomber jacket! The outfit is a simple combination of warm pieces you can throw on in five minutes and get out. No ironing required 😀

Bomber Jacket

First, let me start with the faux leather bomber jacket I got from Only. I love bomber jackets even though there are multiple articles stating that this super cozy piece of outerwear will be out of fashion in 2018. In or out of fashion- does this matter at all when you feel good (and look good) in what you are wearing? To defend my case, I really miss the old-fashioned racer leather jackets with minimal collars. I have been trying to find a racer leather jacket for this spring, but every single leather jacket out there is the biker style- large lapels and so on. This is why sometimes fashion can be totally limiting one’s personal choice and style.


I have put a warm grey knitted hoodie underneath the bomber jacket. I don’t know why, but I love, love, love hoods sticking out of jackets. This creates an effortless, yet cool look and, what is more, it is sooo cozy!

Skinny Jeans + Boots

Well, boots is what I am going to miss the most when winter is over. They elongate the legs and make all body types look more slender. Case closed 🙂

This is all for today, guys! I hope you have a lovely Sunday and even better week ahead!

Love, Maggie


Faux Leather Bomber Jacket – Only | Skinny Jeans – Only | Knitted Hoodie – vintage | Reversible Tote Bag – Guess | Boots – Moda Italiana




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