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Office Dress ::: What to Wear at the Office

by Maggie Y


Hey again! I bet most of you have had those nasty early mornings when you didn’t know what to wear at work. Nothing seemed perfect for the office dress code and you were already short on time to be picky? Then you went for the safest option- a plain skirt or trouser suit? And.. let me guess- you spent the whole day feeling like the most boring person ever? Then you are not alone! I have had those moments too. Luckily, in today’s fashion world there are quite a few options to dress appropriately for the job and be your most gorgeous self at the same time! One of those options is the office dress.

The good think about the office dress is that it is just as safe as the all famous suit but adds a bit of edge and femininity.  There is a large variety of different lengths and shapes, thus a dress can look good on all body types. Depending on the specific dress code at your office, you may opt for a more casual or elegant one. In all cases you need to watch for the following details when choosing to wear a dress at work:

How to select the perfect office dress:

Color – go for the muted tones.  You can still pick a dress in bold red, yellow, pink or purple, but the colors should not be too bright! Never, never choose a dress with any kind of glittering/sparkling/gold/silver/brocade details.

Length – watch out for too short dresses. The dress hem should be about one hand above the knee (anything below that is fine). If your office dress code is more conservative, opt for a longer dress. The dress I am wearing in the photos might appear a bit shorter than the described, but I am quite tall and everything looks that way on me…

Neckline – again, be careful that your neckline is not too open. Rounded or V-necklines, turtle necks and collars are all fine. If the neckline of your dress is too open, you can always put on a shirt underneath, which would add a lovely detail to the outfit.

Shape – always choose a dress that is suitable for your body type. Pencil dresses are good for elongated and slim figures. Shirt dresses or A-line dresses are perfect for covering any imperfections around the waist. If you love shirt dresses but still want to show off your waist, just put on a belt and voila! 🙂

Accessories – always keep it simple. A watch + delicate earrings, or a necklace with a tiny pendant. Be careful not to overdo it, as the result might be not an elegant professional but a Christmas tree.

Shoes – when it comes to shoes, you can follow this rule – the higher your skirt the lower your heel should be. Sorry, ladies! We can’t have have it all!

Tights – I personally prefer to wear tights when wearing an office dress. Moreover, I love the autumn/winter seasons when we can wear black and grey tights. The dark tights tend to make legs gorgeously long, slim and elegant. Yet again, if the weather is as hot as it could possibly get, tights are not an option and that’s okay 🙂

Those were my little tips on how to choose and wear an office dress. I hope that you will find them useful :)))

In the photos I am wearing:

Office dress – Mango | Watch – Daniel Wellington | Black tights – H&M



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