Home Looks Silver Lining ::: Black Ripped Jeans + Silver Thread Sweater

Silver Lining ::: Black Ripped Jeans + Silver Thread Sweater

by Maggie Y

Black ripped jeans and a silver thread sweater

A sweater with silver threads

Hey, hey! Happy New Year!  The most wonderful gift for me in the past year was to finally move in my new home! Actually, this is the first apartment that is totally and all mine! It feels so great to know that I have selected every detail and every color that form a part of my little piece of heaven! Sure, there is still room for quite a few upgrades, but soon everything will fall together.

In today’s post I will show tiny glimpses of my new bedroom and, of course, a new outfit 🙂

The Outfit:

Black ripped jeans from Mango, a sweater in white, coal black, grey and beige with gentle silver threads incorporated in the fabric, and woolen beige socks! As this is a home based photo shoot, we need to feel cozy, right? This is why I added those gorgeous fluffy white slippers to add up to the socks and everything! 😀 Already feel at home?

The Bedroom:

As I promised, only tiny glimpses! First, my all time favorite item-  a fluffy dark grey Shaggy carpet from Ikea. There is no more pleasant way to start the day than to feel the soft and warm fabric of the carpet under your bare feet! (Well, actually I can think of a better way, but this should be a different blog and a different story 🙂 ) A king size bed and the largest wardrobe I could find, both in Sonoma Oak and graphite grey. And, last but not least, light grey laminate flooring. The dark grey blanket is also from Ikea!

What do you think of the grey tones in the bedroom? I will be grateful for any home decor ideas!

Love, Maggie


Bedroom Home Decor

Woolen socks and fluffy slippers

Black ripped jeans


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