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Outfit Post: The Rebel

by Maggie Y


Hey! Have you ever felt the need to be the rebel, to break rules, to do it your way? To break free and be yourself without apologizing to the world for this unseen arrogance? I guess all of us sooner or later come to that point in life when we realize that somebody else’s good opinion of us won’t get us happiness, self-fulfillment or peace of mind. At this point we stop pretending to be “normal”, “standard” and “appropriate” and start being our true selves. And it is magical!

In the below photos you can see my favorite “Rebel” ¬†items. ¬†Skinny jeans from Only, a black crop top from H&M with two different prints matched together on the front, and burgundy Converse sneakers.

Godspeed, Rebels!

rock'n'roll black top with a stamp

rebel yell
rock it

skinny jeans from Only



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