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Ligma Wood with Love

by Maggie Y

Hey hey!

Christmas is coming and all I dream for is home comfort and warmth together with my family. And Christmas lights, beautiful candles and love! :)))

Talking about decorations and candles, check out what I got a couple of days ago! This be-a-u-tiful handmade “Snowflake” tealight holder, created with love and out of real wood by Ligma Wood! You can check out Ligma Wood‘s Facebook page here .

I love how every little angle, every detail of the snowflake is shaped by the hands of the lady who runs this little online shop.  She even offers to carve a special name, a New Year’s wish or whatever else your heart desires into the wood, which makes the candle holder even more special! After all, nothing creates cozier and warmer surroundings for the holidays than a couple of candles, the smiles of our loved ones and the scent of old wood! 🙂

Happy holidays, my loves! XX, Maggie

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