Home Looks Simplicity


by Maggie Y

Hey, loves! It’s been a while since my last post but you know how it is- things to do, places to go…. I got a new home and I’ve been renovating it for the past few months. So, not much time for anything else. Actually, I took the above photos  right after I carried a ceramic sink and a bathroom door to the third floor by myself (so proud of it :D)! And I did it in the same outfit I’m wearing in the pictures!

Long story short, this is one of the most simple and yet classic outfits a girl can get. A basic white top and skinny fit 7/8 denim jeans from Zara. My all time favorite burgundy Converse sneakers add up color to this basic ensemble and make it a little more special 🙂

This is all from me for today, guys! Expect my next outfit post before this weekend!

Love, Maggie


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