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Deep Blue

by Maggie Y

Blue linen dress and a Guess bag

Blue linen dress

Linen dress


Hey again from the magical Old Town of Sozopol! In today’s post the focus is on a comfy blue linen dress, a blue swimsuit and my favorite little travel companion- a gorgeous Guess purse that successfully played the role of a handbag for a week!

The blue linen dress is perfect for the beach. I bought it from some little local store and I love it! I love how soft and light it is. Love the color and the slightly transparent linen fabric playing with the wind. I used to just throw it on over my swimsuit and head to the beach, free of any ‘outfit obligations’ haha.

The other main character of this post is the black Guess purse. During the whole vacation I had gone into Full Relaxation Mode and didn’t need to carry anything other than the absolutely necessary essentials- phone, keys, money and sun protection (Bioderma <3). The purse turned out to be perfect for being carried around with me everywhere. And, surprisingly, all the sun, sand and salty sea water didn’t leave a trace on it!

This is all from me for today, guys! I hope you like this ‘carefree’ comfy blue combo for the beach! More summer outfits in the next posts on the blog 🙂

Lots of love, Maggie

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